Maureen Kirkpatrick – Vice President & Deputy Operations Manager – Turner
Don Chambers was an active participant in the design assist process, offering detail development drawing updates at or before each meeting. He was receptive and responsive to the Owner’s and Architect’s requests, while maintaining the original budget. An example was the request to reduce standard detail joint size that required special parts and pieces, which was ultimately accommodated with no impact to the budget or schedule.

Lymo was flexible and efficient with both the visual and performance mockups. They were receptive to taking on additional scope that would normally have been provided by other trades in order to expedite and streamline the process. Lymo also reacted extremely well to additional onsite field testing that was performed at a very high, stringent level. In one case, they took on cost and responsibility to add a large amount of sealant scope to react to a small item that was considered reasonably acceptable by the Owner’s consultants, to ensure the Owner would have long standing satisfaction with their product and work.

Lymo was responsive and extremely reasonable with change order pricing. Often times taking on small scope additions at no cost, and providing fair and reasonable pricing for both scope additions and credits for omitted work. Don Chambers responded efficiently and amicably during the closeout process, which included large sum deducts for scope allowances that were not utilized.

Lymo Construction is a great partner for metal panel work, small or large, and are also able to perform AVB and other carpentry needs related to a panel system. We definitely consider them a strong team player and look forward to working with them again.


Christopher M. Enders – Senior Project Manager – Gilbane Building Company
We could not ask for a better design-assist partner. From inception to installation, Lymo’s entire staff has provided the highest level of professional and technical service. Their problem solving ability provided us with quick and complete solutions to all challenges. The Hartford Hospital Bone and Joint Institute was my first experience with Lymo and it certainly will not be my last.


Marshall Felix – Project Executive – Suffolk Construction
After having worked closely with Lymo Construction on two high-rise projects in Boston over the past 5 years, I can say that Lymo is one of the premier Subcontractors in the City. Dan Lynch and his core team take great pride in their organization, and it shows.

During the preconstruction and procurement phases of a project, Lymo functions as trusted advisor, providing invaluable technical and budget information on architectural panel systems. Once on board, Lymo’s engineering and detailing services are top-notch – taking the lead in resolving coordination issues while respecting the design intent. The quality Lymo’s shop drawings lead to problem-free installation. Throughout the installation phase, Lymo provides qualified tradesman and supervision who always partner with Suffolk’s Superintendents to perform their work safely and on schedule. When Lymo’s work is complete is an area – there is almost never a punchlist. I would be proud to recommend Lymo for any architectural panel project in the future.

Sam Dettore Jr. – Project Executive – Columbia Construction Company
Lymo is a go-to sub where metal panel systems are required. Their expertise from preconstruction to installation and finish is first rate.